The Ozark Co-Op

Our Purpose and Mission

In a society that is dominated by consumerism and the accumulation of wealth, people are dreaming of living off the grid with more space and independence. They live in a community based on maintenance and barter. The Mountainburg Co-op provides these people of society the opportunity to return to this way of life.
Just a short drive from Mountain View and Melbourne, Arkansas through the Ozark mountains is an area untamed. This area is being prepared to allow individuals that want to live in a community with others completely off grid by growing their own crops, raising their own livestock, and foraging what they can find in the area itself.
The Mountainburg Co-op realizes that preparedness plans often do not have a place to escape due to time or financial limitations and offer to people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and desires of being completely self-efficient. Our members will have a location to use in different recreational activities and as an emergency preparedness plan for disastrous events.

The Mountainburg Co-op is offering people the opportunity to purchase a membership which allows for use of 1,300 acres to create a sense of community through freedom to do for one’s self by combining efforts with other members who share similar principles and restore a sense of respect, pride, family, and friendliness.

The Mountainburg Co-op offers their members a piece of mind on knowing they have a place to getaway because of many different events. This also allows a place for members to come together and live in a community that will allow for neighbors to work together in uplifting and supporting one another. Nothing compares to having a high level of certainty when it comes to life.

The Ozark Co-Op

Phone:  928-580-9838
Address:  395 N. Main Street
City/State:  Melbourne, AR 72556

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