Stonebrook Fudge Factory

 The art of fudge making has a long history in the Allen family.  The family’s fudge recipes have been passed down through generations beginning with Eric Allen’s great grandmother.  They would make their delicious fudge for birthdays, weddings, and other special events for family and friends.  In 1998, Eric Allen and his parents opened Stonebrook Fudge Factory in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Stonebrook Fudge’s storefront originally opened as a Candy Bouquet franchise.  It quickly grew to add gourmet fudge, taffies, and other varieties of candies.  In 2002, the Candy Bouquet name was dropped and the business has kept it’s name, Stonebrook Fudge Factory.

Today, Stonebrook Fudge Factory operates as a wholesaler and retailer.  Customers who enter the store are encouraged to try the many flavors of fudge offered.  Specialty fudge flavors are offered throughout the year dependent on season.  We invite you to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

Stonebrook Fudge Factory

Phone:  870-269-5955
Address:  116 W Main St.
City/State:  Mountain View, AR 72560

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