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WRD Entertainment

WRD Entertainment is a regional media company based out of Batesville, Arkansas. It’s home to six local radio stations — KWOZ 103.3 FM; KZLE 93.1 FM; KBTA 99.5 FM; KKIK 106.5 FM; KAAB 1130 AM; and KBTA 1340 AM, as well as the direct-mailed Arkansas Weekly which is the largest local paper distributed in the area. To market your business through our variety of media, call (870) 793-4196.

Arkansas Weekly ||
103.3 KWOZ FM ||
93 KZLE FM ||
99.5 HITS NOW FM ||
KAAB1130 AM / KKIK106.5 FM || Outlaw
KBTA 1340 AM || CBS Sports Radio

WRD Entertainment

Phone:  870-793-4196
Address:  920 Harrison St. Suite C
City/State:  Batesville, AR 72501