Ozark Folk Center
Nikki Morrow June 4, 2018

Ozark Folk Center and Blanchard Caverns cross promote to give visitors a wonderful experience.

Sight-seers who visit Blanchard Springs Caverns will have the option to redeem their ticket from their cave tour for $2-3 OFF their admission to the Ozark Folk Center Craft Village or Auditorium. Visitors with a ticket receipt from the Ozark Folk Center State Park will receive $2-3 OFF their admission to Blanchard Springs Caverns.

This comes just in time for the opening of Blanchard’s second caverns tour, the Discovery Trail Tour, which explores the lowest level of the immense cavern system.This offer is only valid for one week after the visiting the first park so be sure to hold onto your ticket or your receipt to prove your date of purchase.

“The Ozark Folk Center has a long history of working with the Forest Service here in Mountain View since we both opened in 1973,” said John Morrow, Superintendent of the Ozark Folk Center State Park, “In fact, cross-promotional efforts like these have been a staple of the Mountain View area since the early days of the Arkansas Folk Festival and they’re still just as relevant today.”

“The idea behind this latest offer is simple,” added Keith Symanowitz who works in Programming at the Ozark Folk Center. “We want to make sure everyone who comes to the Ozark Folk Center State Park is encouraged to visit the world-class caverns in the Ozark National Forest, and also tell everyone who tours Blanchard Springs Caverns about the roots music and Heritage crafts that happen here in Mountain View.” Symanowitz went on to conclude, “Anyone whose visited either park knows just how special they truly are, and we want to make sure folks get the opportunity to experience both.

”The artisan Craft Village at the Ozark Folk Center State Park is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10-5 pm. Their 1,000-seat auditorium hosts roots music shows every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7-9 pm throughout the season. For information about lodging, food, music, or crafts in the park call 870-269-3851 or go to www.OzarkFolkCenter.com. Blanchard Springs Caverns in the Ozark National Forest is open 7-days a week with tours beginning at 10 a.m. and going till 4:30 p.m. Call ahead for tour times at 870-757-2211 or visit www.recreation.gov and search “Blanchard Springs Caverns” to reserve a tour time.


Admission costs to Blanchard Springs Caverns (with a ticket receipt from the Ozark Folk Center State Park)

Adults $7.50 ($3 OFF)

Children 6-15 $3.50 ($2 OFF)

Kids 0-5 FREE


Admission at Ozark Folk Center State Park (with a tour ticket from Blanchard Springs Caverns)

Adults $10.00 ($2 OFF)

Children 6-15 $5 ($2 OFF)

Kids 0-5 FREE

Combination ticket (to Craft Village and Music Auditorium) $16.50 ($3 OFF)