Shanna Cerna January 9, 2019

Hi everybody,
I hope your winter is going well and you are safe and happy and healthy. There’s a lot of words here, so grab your favorite cuppa before you read on.

Things are cruising along as usual for the winter in the Craft Village at OFC. I see many of you working in your shops during the day. It’s nice to have relaxing visits.

A big exciting thing for the world of crafts at the Folk Center is that we are now able to accept craft class registrations online. I am listing one class a day right now, so if yours isn’t up, send me an email to make sure I don’t need pictures of what your students will make, a picture of your class, a photo of you or a teacher bio. That is what is taking a lot of time in doing the listings for some classes. If you know I need those things, take the time to send them to me, please. Share these out and promote Ozark Folk School Craft Classes.

Social Media Roundtable continues on Thursdays at 10 a.m. It lasts an hour. After that our brains are full. You are welcome to join this group at any time. It is a sharing of social media knowledge and a chance to learn how to promote our park to your circle of friends and perhaps how to grow your own business online. We are also learning how to take better pictures and short video snippets with our phones. This week we are meeting in the Cabins Rec room and will be sharing info there, then taking a tour of the newly renovated cabins. As always, if the weather is bad, stay home. Social Media Roundtable is open to everyone who wants to promote the park, Mountain View, Stone County, Crafts and the Ozarks. Join us.

Sit and Stitch is Thursday afternoons at 2 p.m. We’ve been having a great time this year in the Fiber Arts Shop with some new folks and are really missing some of our previous regulars. We’ve been bringing snacks to share and have developed a craft supply swap. If you have stuff you are destashing for any craft, bring it and perhaps you can rehome it. This Thursday we will be doing wool (or other protein fiber) warp and skein and fabric space dyeing. I’m providing the dye, you need to bring your own yarn or other items to dye. If you don’t have any and want to do some for yourself the Fiber Arts shop does have dyeable yarns for sale. If you just want to come visit, you are welcome. You do not have to have a project to work on. Sit and Stitch goes until everyone leaves or 5 p.m., whichever comes first.

Craft Contract meetings are at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 2 or at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, February 19 in the White Oak Auditorium. Please try to attend one or the other. If you can’t, email me, or call me at 870-269-3854.

We open on Tuesday, April 16 this year. But there is a lot happening before then.
• The Flower & Garden Show at the State Fairgrounds in Little Rock on March 1 – 3, is a big event for our Heritage Herb Garden.
• Spring Bluegrass is March 8 & 9. I encourage you to be in your shop that Friday and Saturday, especially if the weather is nice to visit with the folks who are out wandering the grounds. As always, sales are 10% commission for volunteer events like this.
• Spring Ozark Folk School Classes are March 11 – 15. There are many classes offered this year, and one is already full.
• Craft Roots is spring break week, March 18 – 22. I’ll be email SPA’s to teachers and visiting with you to confirm class dates and concepts this week or next.

The guys are re-roofing the Shannon Cabin right now. They are doing a great job of making sure the under structure is strong and safe. It will be great to not have to interpret the “Arkansas Traveler” this year, and to be able to put some better interpretive items in the cabin without worry of them getting ruined by rain.

I have two shelves left in the Craft display in the Admin lobby, if you would like your item displayed this winter, let me know.

I work Monday – Friday, 8 to 5 in the winter. Feel free to stop by and visit. I will be gone to a conference the end of January and one the end of February, so if you need to talk with me, call 269-3854, text 870-213-5083 or email this address to make sure we can meet at a time that works for you.

We have lots of 2019 Calendar of Events to distribute. If you are going to a spring show, or somewhere else you can promote the park, please take some to hand out. If you know of a place that needs them, please let Keith know, he is taking them around. His email is

As always, any questions? Holler!

Hope to see you soon,
Jeanette Larson
Craft Director, CIT
Ozark Folk Center State Park
Mountain View, Arkansas
The mission of the Ozark Folk Center State Park is to perpetuate, present and promote the Ozark way of life in an educational and enjoyable manner; through craft demonstrations, musical programs, the Heritage Herb Garden, workshops and other special events.